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G99 power system studies

The ER G99 standard was introduced in the UK in 2019 following the adoption of the ENTSO-E RfG code requirements. In addition to the typical G5, P28, P28 type studies, it introduced other technical and power system study requirements for distribution connected plant. MPE has successfully delivered many sets of study documentation for Type B, C and D plant to date – for both GB and NI versions of the G99 standard, for converter based and synchronous generation. These requirements are similar to those already found in the GB Grid Code for transmission connected generation. Depending on the size of the plant the requirements include:

Reactive power capability load flow assessment
Voltage control and reactive power stability
Fault ride though (FRT) and fast fault current injection
Limited frequency sensitive mode – over (LFSM-O) study
Limited frequency sensitive mode – under (LFSM-U) study
Voltage and Frequency Controller Model Verification
Voltage and Frequency Controller Model Validation

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