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MPE is the country representative for RTDS Technologies in UK, Ireland and Germany. The unique RTDS® Simulator hardware and software allows real time simulation of your power system using a full 3-phase EMT representation with a time-steps in the range of 2 - 50 microseconds. The power of the custom built simulator together with the proprietary I/O capability allows rapid prototyping and testing of real hardware (e.g. control systems or protection) 'in the loop'. This allows performance and stability assessments of the power system environment under normal or abnormal operation (e.g. system faults) which can be impossible to test in reality. For some examples please take a look at the application videos at the bottom of this page.

In addition to sales and support, MPE can offer RTDS related consultancy services including: RTDS RSCAD model building & development, and 'hardware in the loop' testing of protection or control systems. Say hello if you would like to discuss a potential project which may require real time simulation services. 

For a short introduction with some more information about what real time simulation is and what it is used for, please take a look at this short video:

Examples of the equipment which can be tested includes, but is not limited to:

  • Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS) 

  • Distributed Energy Resource controllers (e.g. wind turbine or PV controllers)

  • HVDC control systems

  • Protection relays

  • AVR / PSS control systems

  • PMU systems

  • Substation automation controls

  • Microgrid controls

  • FACTS systems

In addition, hardware in the loop simulations can be used to generate accurate Thevenin harmonic models (harmonic voltage source behind a frequency dependent impedance) for use in power system harmonic calculations. 

Novacor RTDS

Novacor is the new generation of hardware from RTDS. This custom hardware is built around the new IBM 10 core POWER8 processor which runs bare metal (i.e. without an operating system) to extract the maximum power for real time simulation.

For more information please click on the video above, see the example videos below, or visit the RTDS website.

If you would like a demo of the hardware in action, either at our, or your office or lab location, then please say hello and we would be happy to arrange.

De-risking Microgrids with HIL demo

STATCOM control system closed loop testing

Protection relay in the loop (closed loop) testing

Power hardware in the loop (PHIL) testing 


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