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point of connection selection / optioneering

Determining the most cost effective, but technically compliant point of connection for a project can save substantial money for the project, and the power system end user.
Grid operators in Germany are obligated to assign the closest suitable point of connection at the correct voltage level, assuming there is no more favourable solution from a macroeconomic perspective. If the project developer is not content with the location, they may select another provided it is of a similar cost. Grid operators are therefore obligated to provide the required data to allow developers to make the assessment.
In Great Britain, the CION (Connection and Infrastructure Options Note) records a similar process between developers (for on and offshore projects), transmission owners, and National Grid (as the system operator).

MPE can support project developers and grid operators by conducting the necessary techno-economic grid studies to define the best solution considering technical suitability and macroeconomic cost in line with the country specific requirements.
Our experience shows that often a more favourable connection point can be found.

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