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EMT (transient) studies & insulation coordination

The results of the EMT studies can be used in insulation coordination procedures to define minimum insulation requirements for equipment, or to design mitigation measures such as surge arresters and sheath voltage limiters. These are designed in accordance with international standards such as IEC 60071 and IEEE C62.82.2.
We also specialise in circuit breaker transient recovery voltage (TRV) simulations to assess circuit breaker dielectric capabilities, and designing the most cost effective mitigation measures where required.
One area of particular expertise for MPE is with transient studies for HVAC connected offshore wind farms with long export cables (up to and in excess of 200 km and 275 kV), and array networks with voltages up to 66 kV.

MPE has world-class experience in conducting electromagnetic transient (EMT) studies to calculate the maximum system overvoltages due to:
fault occurrence/clearing
switching transients
harmonic resonance & transformer energisation
lightning strike
very fast transients (VFTO) in GIS SF6 substations

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