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cable routing, selection & optimisation

MPE can route and select cables for your application based on technical requirements and cost impact of CAPEX and OPEX of the system. This can range from checking cable ampacity, voltage drop and short-circuit withstand to ensure compliance with applicable codes, through to optimisation of cable sizes based on installed cost, annualised losses for time-varying loads, and calculation of net present value of losses (OPEX) vs. CAPEX.

Our engineers have experience with a range of cable installation methods and voltage levels from LV to HV, and for AC and DC cabling.
We can deliver desktop and onsite surveys of cable routes using high precision GPS with RTX-correction, and a GIS (Geographic Information System)-software. Crossing of other cables, roads, and gas pipes can be considered, and alternative routes proposed as required.
We have developed an in-house tool for ampacity (temperature) calculations for unconventional cable environments and laying arrangements , e.g. for submarine cables and inhomogeneous cable groups. Our tool has additionally been extended to consider a time varying ampacity calculation. This allows us to assess the ampacity even for load profiles which are not covered by standards, e.g. load profiles of wind or PV farms.

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