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​grid code updates and support

With new power system technologies (e.g. renewable generation, storage, HVDC interconnectors, active network management (ANM) or distributed energy resource management systems (DERMs) etc.) the existing grid code or connection agreement technical requirements are no longer appropriate. MPE has extensive experience of grid code and connection agreement development in Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America. We can support you or lead with the following tasks:

Grid & distribution code development
Grid & distribution code review and amendment
Connection agreement / PPA development & negotiation
Grid code review panel engagement & public consultation support

For these topics MPE has the ability to lead on the technical / engineering aspects, and can bring in our trusted partners with power system legal experience, or market & strategy expertise as required.

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MPE Power System Consultants UK Germany Ireland

If you have a question about our services, or would like to talk about how we can help with one of your projects then please use the form below, or use the email addresses on our say hello page. Both methods send your query to the same location, where we will find the right person to respond to you as soon as possible:

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