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We provide design, studies, consulting, advice and training services. 

Please scroll down to see a full list of our services, and don't hesitate to get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your project.
MPE Power System Consultants UK Germany Ireland

MPE is a team of international power system consultants.

our services

power system studies
design services

◦ wind & PV concept design

◦ wind & PV yield analysis

◦ detailed electrical design

◦ earthing grid design

◦ substation design & layout

◦ offshore wind farm platform        design

◦ reactive power planning

◦ harmonic filter design

◦ spec of equipment for tender

◦ tender support & evaluation

◦ cable routing, selection                & optimisation

◦ owner’s engineer activities

◦ site support & supervision

◦ battery / storage sizing &

  site selection

◦ load flow & contingency          analysis studies

◦ short-circuit / fault studies

◦ RMS (dynamic) studies

◦ EMT (transient) studies &             insulation coordination

◦ harmonic studies

◦ arc-flash assessment

◦ protection coordination

◦ SSR studies

◦ modelling of components        and networks

◦ grid code compliance studies

◦ G5/4, P28, P29, G74 studies

◦ grid integration of renewable      generation

◦ transmission & distribution          system planning

◦ point of connection selection /    optioneering

◦ grid connection of offshore          wind farms

◦ operational concept design

◦ operating reserve assessments

◦ grid code updates and support

◦ standards review and support

◦ techno-economic studies

◦ harmonic & transient                    measurements

◦ site electrical survey 

◦ grid code compliance testing

◦ training & workshops

◦ RTDS Country representative            covering Germany, UK and Ireland

  We provide real time digital             simulation support, sales &               consultancy

our services

example projects

project references
MPE Projects
MPE international consulting locations

The countries highlighted in green show the extent of where MPE have provided services. We bring this worldwide experience to all of our projects, big or small.

Click through these slides to see some examples of some of the projects MPE has been working on.

If you would like to discuss how this expertise can be used on your project then please come and talk to us

software capabilities

power system software

MPE's engineers have extensive experience of many different types of software, software development, and coding, with several members of our team having worked in power system software providers. The following list details a few of the power system analysis packages, and coding languages, our engineers have used on a regular basis. However, we can always apply our expertise to new packages should there be a client need. 

◦ DIgSILENT PowerFactory (Load flow, short circuit, RMS & EMT dynamic simulations, harmonics, protection coordination, motor starting)

◦ Siemens PTI PSS/E (Load flow, short circuit, RMS dynamic simulations)

◦ PSCAD (EMT simulations)

◦ ATP (EMT simulations)

◦ ETAP (Load flow, short circuit, RMS dynamic simulations, protection coordination, motor starting)

◦ NEPLAN (Load flow, short circuit, RMS dynamic simulations, harmonics, protection coordination)

◦ XGSLabs (Earthing grid design)

◦ Schneider Ecodial (LV cable sizing & protection)

◦ Siemens Simaris (LV cable sizing & protection)

RSCAD (for RTDS EMT modelling) 

MPE's own operational reserve tool (ORT) 

MPE's own production cost optimisation tool

MPE's own programmable short circuit calculation tool

MPE's own cable ampacity (temperature) tool including time varying load profiles

◦ Python (for multi-use coding)

◦ DIgSILENT Programming Language "DPL", & DIgSILENT Simulation Language "DSL" (for coding and model building in PowerFactory)

software capabilities
say hello

say hello

MPE London UK Ireland Germany
MPE London UK Ireland Germany
MPE London UK Ireland Germany

MPE has 3 office locations -

two in Germany and one in UK

Please click through the individual slides to find contact details of each site

If you would like to talk to us then please contact your nearest location, or use the contact box on the last slide

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